~ **︎ I WANT TO BE ON TV ︎ ~~ ** 🤠 I WANT TO BE ON TV 🤠** ~~ ** 🤡 I WANT TO BE ON TV 🤡 ** ~~ ** 📺 I WANT TO BE ON TV  📺 ** ~

oh please, oh please, pick me! i want -- scratch that - need to be immortalized by tv. let me live forever through the Network’s archive. let me be seen by all the regular folks out there, watching the flickering images changing at light speed every night. i consume, consume, consume, now give me my chance to regurgitate! I’m a ︎STAR︎ like you’ve never seen before! i’m tired of the bleak, box news - i want to be on a talk show and share MY news -  i want a new show .... one that .. 

💥💥💥💥 Rocks  💥💥💥💥


Channel  1

Channel 2

 this could be u

this is your time to shine, baby! let us know why we should interview you by Friday, October 30th, 2020. e-mail your audition tape to alexapostolidis@outlook.com. scroll down for more details on how to be the next star on “Rocks Online”. To see more of Alex’s work go to apostolidis.ca  or ︎In the words of LMFAO, from the iconic Jersey Shore

Get crazy get wild 
Let's party get loud
If you wanna have fun and do something
If you wanna have fun and do something

*** due to COVID-19 - all filming will be done remotely 

Submit a 3-minute long video of you doing at least 2 of these thingies ---------------------------->

send your video to alexapostolidis@outlook.com by midnight on Friday, October 30th, 2020

we r watching tv together even when we r far apart <3

> special talent

> your funniest story 

> eating something

> an impression 

> the most illegal thing you’ve ever done

Channel 3

We are looking for: 




and all those in between - if you’ve got something to say, now’s your time to say it

put on your best fit/look/costume
show us your style + flair
have fun 

we want u to have creative freedom with your audition tape but - it may be helpful to have a few pointers.

try to centre urself in the shot
position urself like this :

- shoulders up
- hips up
- full-body

Your video does not have to be 3 minutes long, but 3 minutes maximum.

Channel 4

by submitting you are agreeing to the terms and conditions

For the first wing of this project - only applicants living in/from “Canada” will be considered. LGBTQ2S+ applicants will be preferred. You will be interviewed and asked to video yourself on webcam or cellphone camera (don’t worry, we will help you along the way with creating your set up and lighting). We may ask you to remake your audition tape with additional direction from Alex Apostolidis during the first two weeks of November, 2020. Shooting of the show will start in early to mid December and go until mid to late February. Your participation will be limited to 1 - 2 hours maximum and we will schedule that time with you in advance. At this time, we cannot financially compensate you as this is a non-profit art project.

Rocks Online is the tentative title for Alex Apostolidis’s upcoming project. Following their “TV series” (Alex’s Room and The Alex Apostolidis Show) they plan on making a virtual TV show examining motifs found in television, ideas of broadcast, communication, fame, CanCon, the production of authenticity and Queer aesthetics.